Product catalogues

Thousands of products made by CERVA and other brands are now available at a single location. Transparently arranged and sorted by thematic series, collections and brands.

For each product, the catalogues include a description of characteristics, material composition, colour options, size range, explanation of safety standards, and a model picture showing the product.

To ensure simple browsing, all the catalogues and brochures can be not only leafed through online, but also downloaded in PDF.

Product videos

Videos designed to make you understand the advantages and strengths of our products, in a simple and interactive form. So just sit down and make yourself comfortable before you start watching them.

Educational livestreams

Go through our live stream recordings and learn new things while drinking your afternoon coffee, for instance. In just 15 minutes you will get an overview of the entire occupational safety topic - you can perhaps start with head or respiratory protection.

And once you have seen all the videos, visit our Facebook - we broadcast 2 new educational live streams every month.

Promotional Textile

We have applied our years of know-how and experience with the production of PPE in the creation of an optimum offer in this segment, which will allow you to satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding customer.

You will find products ranging from t-shirts through sweatshirts, jackets all the way to work clothes and various accessories such as belts, towels, gloves etc. For specific inquiries, when the goods in the catalogue do not meet the requirements, we can offer you custom manufacturing, so that you can choose from various cuts, materials, packaging etc.

Declaration of Conformity

A Declaration of Conformity is a written statement of the manufacturer or the importer that states the product meets the requirements of technical regulations and that conformity assessment procedures were followed.