CERVA GROUP Is Giving the Environment the Green Light

CERVA GROUP a. s. received a confirmation of its inclusion in a group of companies that aim to be more environmentally friendly.

The EKO-KOM system and its clients significantly contribute to reducing environmental burdens. Companies participating in the programme are aware of their responsibility towards the future generations and voluntarily try to reduce the production of greenhouse gases (to allow for a comparison, greenhouse gas production is converted to the quantities of CO2 produced) generated in their activities.

The LCA analysis shows the specific details of greenhouse gas production reduction and the resulting energy savings. This analysis compares the production of greenhouse gas and the energy consumed to produce a new product out of entirely new raw materials and partially or fully recycled materials. The resulting savings of greenhouse gas and energy are calculated based on the rate of recycled materials used.

The result is then confirmed in the Emission Savings Certificate. Every company involved in the programme is therefore directly contributing to achieving energy savings and reducing greenhouse gas production.

Based on the LCA analysis, CERVA GROUP a. s. saved nearly 4,200 GJ of energy last year which corresponds, according to the data published by the Czech Statistical Office, to the annual electricity consumption of about 350 flats.